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This is who we are:

Highland Sugar Gliders is a USDA Licensed breeding facility located in Southeastern Virginia.

We specialize in several of the rarer sugar glider color variations:

Strawberry Platinum
Black Face Black Beauty
Black Beauty

We produce pedigreed breeding quality and pet quality joeys that are sweet and naturally hand tame.  

Our focus is on breeding for improved temperament and healthy, robust gliders.

Our main objective in choosing to breed these very special animals is to produce healthy sugar gliders with terrific body type and stunning color variations, and sweet and healthy joeys ready to go home with you to become your wonderful family pets. 

Eventually, through rigorously controlled breeding, we also hope to be able to begin the steps needed to create high quality fancy breed sugar gliders for show.

Our personal philosophy on breeding: 

The most important thing to strive for in breeding is strong, healthy, big animals that are docile, social, and pleasing to the eye. 

Colors are secondary to healthy body type.  No one should breed based purely on color alone, because doing so can lead very quickly to a very poor body type, reduced fertility, and sickly animals.

First, we are focusing our main energies on producing the most docile and the most 'typey' animals that we are able to create; and improving on strong body type over time through controlled breeding; and setting our own internal standards for multiple healthy genetic characteristics. 

These characteristics include:

Body type - strong and lean. 

A strong and lean body type points to a multitude of extremely healthy genes.

Both twiggy and obese body types point to the possibility of extensive poor genetic background that can lead to poor litter outcomes, reduced fertility, and shorter life spans. 

Body type is the most important selection criteria for breeding.

This is more important than COI.
  Here is why:

Two totally unrelated animals with terrible body type will give offspring with:

- terrible body type
- reproductive problems
- health issues
- shorter lifespans
- a zero COI.

Poor body type is the biggest problem facing sugar gliders breeders today and the hardest to breed out of our lines.  

Multiple genes contribute to body type and depending on the severity of poor body type, it can take many generations of controlled selective breeding to recover, all the while making it harder to select for other desirable characteristics.
Size - large and free from obesity

Large, lean size means healthy, healthy, healthy genes.  This is also more important than COI.

Skeletal structure - balanced and free from all defects 

Skeletal defects indicate genetic problems early in fetal development  that have global detrimental effects on the sugar glider involving multiple body systems.   Skeletal defects include missing fingers and toes and extra fingers and toes, dwarfism with large head and short and twisted limbs, and shortened, kinked or missing tail.  A healthy skeletal structure is also more important than COI.

Tail length and shape - longer, thick and straight is better, always

Tail length and conformation are indications of nerve pathway and skeletal genetic health.  Animals with longer, thicker, straight tails are far less likely to produce offspring with neural tube or other skeletal defects.

Head shape and balance - curved, Romanesque profile, somewhat wide and balanced nose bridge

Besides being extremely pleasing to the eye, this face and head shape ensures healthy background genes.

Pug noses and pinched bridges can lead to malocclusion, breathing and vision difficulties being established in the lines - and a glider that just doesn't feel well.  Extreme pug noses are associated with multiple organ problems including heart and lung abnormalities, brain abnormalities and extremely shortened lifespan.

Eye shape and size - large and balanced

Large, balanaced, and well placed eyes indicates early fetal skeletal and overall developmental health.  Any small eyes, misshappen eyes, unbalanced eyes, or other eye defects indicate early fetal developmental errors.  Breeding gliders with small eyes can lead to blind or eyeless joeys.

Hands and feet that conform to the standard for the species - the correct number of fingers and toes, nail and nail beds that are shiny and healthy.

Extra fingers and toes are not healthy and can point to a host of additional problems in fetal development.  Polydactyly can signal structural brain abnormalities, propensities to develop specific types of cancers,  nervous system disorders, functional eye disorders, and on and on and on.   I can't emphasize this enough - Polydactyly is an incredibly disastrous thing to introduce into your lines.  And people are breeding this into sugar gliders today.  It needs to stop.

Ear shape and size - large and balanced

Small, misplaced, mismatched, or misshapen ears can be an indicator of poor genetic background.  And large, balanced ears normally indicate genetic health.  However, to a degree ear size and shape (if balanced) is a matter of personal taste.  I find large, batty ears to be very beautiful, and we are trying to fix these in our lines.

Coat - tight, shiny, smooth, Soft, clean looking, and fluffy with large fluffy tail

Missing, patchy, or poor coat condition are indicators of poor to terrible genetic background or poor diet, or poor health.  We always strive for the best coat possible.

Overall health - excellent

An animal with excellent overall health who is resistant to diseases is a genetically healthier animal.

All of these areas point to the degree of the background genetic health of the animal and are the reason we are using them for our breeding selection criteria. 

In addition to these characteristics we will be selecting simultaneously for docility, because a big healthy animal that is aggressive or flighty is not what we want or are striving for.  In addition, although wild temperament is beneficial to a degree in the wild, it is not beneficial in captivity.  Naturally calm sugar gliders have a better immune response and don't suffer from stress-related diseases.

Second, we are amplifying some of the color and pattern recessives and  dominant alleles into the stronger, more typey lines as these are being established.

Third, we are recreating some of the rare color combinations in these strong, more typey color lines as they are established.

All of these breeding projects take an incredible amount of time and focused energy, and we are very dedicated to the work.

These projects are expected to take years to develop in such a way as to also create the most genetic diversity in our population of sugar gliders. 

If you are a sugar glider breeder especially interested in strong body type and in rare color variations we would like to hear from and collaborate with you.

All of our sugar gliders are our beloved family pets.  Each one is given as much interaction, bonding and play time with their humans as possible on a daily basis.  This ensures that they remain sweet and that they and their joeys will not be stressed when the joeys are removed from the cage or pouch for weighing and play time.  We will always strive to maintain this level of interaction and care to produce the sweetest sugar gliders available.

Our joeys are handled daily from their first days out of their momma's pouch (OOP) and they are completely hand tame and very sweet tempered.

All joeys are weaned between approximately 8 and 12 weeks OOP onto a diet designed specifically to meet the nutritional and energy needs of sugar gliders.  Our diet was designed by Dr. Bissell, the exotic animal nutritionis for all of Busch Gardens.   A copy of our diet will be provided to you when you adopt our joeys.  

We will sometimes have very beautiful classic gray sugar gliders
for a very reasonable price that may not be listed on the nursery page.  Please contact us if you are interested in any of these Joeys as cage mates for pets only.  Or if you are interested in purchasing normal gray sugar gliders from imported stock for out-breeding your colors, we are planning on establishing several breeding lines for this purpose within the next year.

Because sugar gliders must be kept in pairs or more we offer a substantial discount on the purchase of a second joey when available.

(A minimum deposit equal to 25% of the price of the sugar glider(s) will hold a joey for you.  If we decide for any reason that our glider isn't right for you we will refund the deposit and any other moneys you have put down on the joey.   However, if you change your mind, your deposit and other moneys at our discretion will be non-refundable.)

Contact Information:

BreederDiane S. Robertson

LocationSoutheastern Virginia

We strive always to produce the sweetest and healthiest suger glider joeys you can find. 

If you are looking for joeys to grace your life and you see joeys that you want it is important to place that deposit to hold the joeys, because our joeys are reserved fairly quickly.

If you don't find exactly what you are looking for contact us and we may be able to help you find another excellent breeder.

HSG News:

Highland Sugar Gliders now have CARMINOS!

We just this month have added Carminos to our breeding lines.  Please be sure to check out our Carmino Page.  It is full of great information about this color variety - the rarest color of sugar gliders in the world!

Update:  We are expecting our first joey - check back in May for more updates!

The Joey page has been updated!

We have so many lovely new babies here just waiting for their new families.  Do check out our joey page and let us know if you see any that speak to your heart.

You can find photos of available babies on our nursery page.

- Remember -

Sugar gliders should never be housed by themselves.  They are colony animals that need physical contact with other gliders to stay healthy and happy. 

Joeys are here!

Our Black Beauty and Black Face Black Beauty breeding programs are in full swing and we have many Black Beauty babies available.  We do have a waiting list for these joeys, so be sure to contact us to get on that list if you are interested in this lovely color variety.

Black Beauty Lines:  We are expanding our Black Beauty program to produce stunningly dark and boldly marked Black Beauties.  We've added a number of unrelated Black Beauty gliders from other breeders and other lines, and next year should bring some very nice results.

Dominant Patterns:  We are still breeding the gorgeous White Face, White Face Blonde, and mosaic sugar gliders.  Next year we will be producing stunning Black Beauty White Face and Black Beauty Mosaics.  Stay tuned.

Rare Colors:  We are still breeding gorgeous cremeinos, Leucistics, Platinum, Strawberry Platinum, Ruby Leus, Mosaics, and Black Face Black Beauty gliders.  Check our joey page often for these stunners.

Highland Sugar Gliders is located in beautiful, rustic Smithfield, VA. 

We had our yearly USDA inspection in September and passed again with flying colors.  Our vet remarked that our breeding setup is ideal!

Below is a photo of our glider breeding facility which has its own laundry facilities, kitchen and bathroom.

HSG Breeding Facility

Below is one of our gorgeous BB joeys.  She is intensely pigmented with full black sleeves, bold markings, a pigmented nose, and super dark ears, and a full dark gray undercoat on her belly.  And she is a very calm joey.  She will be staying on as a breeder here at Highland to pass on her incredible dark genes.  Update!  Miracle was paired with Logan (bred by Rachel Larson).  We expect some very tame and very boldy marked Black Beauty joeys from this pairing next Spring.

                  Miracle Black Beauty

                  Logan Black Beauty


Please visit our joey page and other available glider page to see all our latest joeys and offerings.



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