Who we are...

Highland Sugar Gliders is a USDA Licensed breeding facility located in Southeastern Virginia.

We specialize in several of the rarer sugar glider color variations (Platinum, Strawberry Platinum, Black Face Black Beauty, Cremeino, Leucistic, Carmino) and produce both lineaged breeding quality and pet quality joeys that are sweet and naturally hand tame.    

All of our sugar gliders are our beloved family pets, and each one is given as much bonding and play time as possible on a daily basis.  This ensures that they remain sweet and that they and their joeys will not be stressed when the joeys are removed from the cage or pouch for weighing and play time.  

Our Joeys

Our joeys are handled daily from their first days out of their mother's pouch (OOP) and they are hand tame and very sweet tempered.

All joeys are weaned between approximately 8 and 12 weeks onto a diet designed specifically to meet the nutritional and energy needs of sugar gliders.  Our diet was designed by Dr. Bissell, the exotic animal nutritionist for all of Busch Gardens.   A copy of our diet will be provided to you when you adopt our joeys. 

Please visit our Available Joey Page for joeys that are ready for adoption.

Our personal philosophy on breeding

Our main objective in breeding these very special animals is to produce healthy sugar gliders with terrific body type and stunning color variations, and sweet and healthy joeys ready to go home with you to become your wonderful family pets. 

Genetic diversity is very important to maintain healthy gliders and produce the best joeys.  We do not inbreed gliders and don't condone the practice.  It is most important to strive for strong, healthy gliders and joeys that are docile, social, and are beautiful.  We produce the best hand tame and genetically healthy sugar gliders for family pets and to provide excellent lines for serious breeders.

Colors are secondary to healthy body type.  No one should breed based purely on color alone, because doing so can lead very quickly to a very poor body type, reduced fertility, and sickly animals.  We are selectively breeding to  produce docile gliders;  to improve on strong body type; and to set our own internal standards for multiple healthy genetic characteristics. 

If you would like more information about the characteristics we breed for please contact us through the Contact Us page, contact us through Facebook, or email us at Highlandsugarglider@gmail.com.


Services We Offer


 When you are adopt our gliders, we will be available for continued support and mentoring to help your experience with these exotic animals be the best it can be.


Nutritional Support

All of our adopted joeys will go home with a copy of our diet, designed for us by Dr. Heidi Bissell, Exotic Animal Nutritionist.  Feeding our diet will ensure your gliders will remain healthy with thick full coats, and help them live a good, long life.

Toy Design

Let us design toys for your gliders.  Below are examples of one of our signature toys, designed to keep your gliders entertained for a very long time.  These have sliders, captured bracelets, jingly charms, forage cups, pulley bracelets, a stable standing platform, springy straws, and so much more.  We can create a toy to match any cage set.  Contact us for more details and to design a toy for you.

1 comparison of toys.jpg

Note on Reserving Our Joeys:

A minimum deposit equal to 25% of the price of the sugar glider(s) will hold a joey  or joeys for you.  We do not place a hold on joeys that are not reserved with a deposit.

If we decide for any reason that our glider isn't right for you we will refund the deposit and any other moneys you have put down on the joey.   However, if you change your mind, your deposit and other moneys at our discretion will be non-refundable.

          The Robertson Seal and Motto                         Virtutis Gloria Merces         Meaning - Valor is rewarded with  Glory.

          The Robertson Seal and Motto

                    Virtutis Gloria Merces

  Meaning - Valor is rewarded with  Glory.