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Diet designed by H. Bissell, P.hD.
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Providing the Correct Nutrition

Providing the correct diet for sugar gliders can be confusing, time consuming, and labor intensive - if you let it.  We don't have the ability to easily provide the sugar glider's complete natural diet.  But we can provide all the nutrients a sugar glider needs to remain healthy - and we can do it economically.

We  are recommending the
 following diet, which produces large, very healthy joeys with silky coats, and maintains pet gliders in a very healthy condition.  

Highland Sugar Glider Diet

(Analysis at the bottom of section)

The Highland Sugar Glider diet was designed for us by Dr. Heidi Bissell, Exotic Animal Nutritionist to specifically address sugar glider needs.

Purchase links for ingredients in this diet are listed at the bottom.  Please note if you decide to switch your gliders to this diet you will need to wean them off of their old diet and onto HSG Diet by increasing the percentage of HSG Diet while lowering the percentage of their other diet by 10% per day.

This staple diet can be made up in advance and frozen in ice cube trays and the cubes of staple stored in the freezer in a zip lock bag.  Frozen staple is good for several months.

A note on weighing out ingredients instead of measuring by volume - be sure your scale is accurate to 0.1 gram.  If you can't find a regular mail/diet scale to do this then do purchase a gem scale for weighing out the vitamins, calcium and taurine powder.


600 grams no sugar added applesauce 
150 grams freshly fermented (24--hour) Kefir or full fat live culture yogurt  (note - if you use yogurt the batch will be dry and will need to be thinned with yogurt drink or apple juice
70 grams quick oatmeal 
60 grams chopped boiled egg (no shell)
50 grams boiled chopped chicken (or 40 grams chicken and 35 grams of Soldier Fly Larva meal, defatted)
3 grams flaxseed oil
6 grams Soybean oil (Wesson or other soybean oil)
1 grams Vionate Vitamin and Mineral powder
2 grams Calcium Carbonate powder
1 gram (1000 mg) Taurine powder
1 drop Vitamin E oil equaling 20 IU

Note:  If you use yogurt instead of kefir the staple will be thick.  You can thin with yogurt drink, pasteurized store bought kefir, or apple juice to desired consistency.

1-2 Tbsp of the above mixture served with 1 tsp sweet peas (shelled), 1 tsp mixed chopped fruits, and 1 tsp mixed, chopped vegetables.  Feed extra to nursing mothers and mothers with joeys in-pouch - let them be your guide.  If they leave a lot feed less.  If they lick the plate feed more.

Diet analysis:

25% protein
20% fat
0.9% Calcium (target is 0.6%)
0.4% Phosphorus (target is 0.35%)
Ca:P ratio - 2.3:1 

Links for purchasing ingredients:

Soldier Fly larva meal, defatted 


Calcium Carbonate

Taurine powder

Vitamin E Oil - 
For more important information and considerations about sugar glider nutrition please refer to the Sugar Glider Care page.
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